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FAA Advocacy: COPCN Outreach Request

January 18, 2016 9:32 AM | Amanda Riordan (Administrator)

The Florida Ambulance Association has retained law firm Dean Mead to assist with lobbying on several key issues, including the process for the issuance of Certificates Of Public Convenience and Necessity (COPCNs). Below is a request from Dean Mead.


Dear FAA Members,

Per our conversation with FAA leaders, we recommend that members of the Association call members of these Committees that represent the area(s) that they work and live in.


Think regionally when you look at the list, to decide who to call. If you know a legislator on the committee, but they don't represent your area, call them, too. Talk to an aide if you can't talk to the member, which is likely. Follow up with an email. We also ask that you contact all members of your county delegation. However, the first priority is members of the committees.

After you introduce yourself and your business, the message is this:

  • You are opposed to this legislation as it appears to be attempting a statewide fix to cure a local political dispute.
  • The current system of issuing COPCNs is working fine and as private providers working within this system, we feel that it has been fair.
  • The methods of evaluating COPCNs under current law and ordinance work. They reflect each jurisdiction's unique needs.
  • The bill also creates a new appeal process which would be exclusive to applicants who are currently providing fire rescue services and first response which would preclude private providers from an appeal right they have now.
  • The suggested bill just injects more uncertainty into the process and upsets a system which is working fine, and we oppose it.

Please leave them with our names, Cari Roth and Martha Edenfield, and the (850)999-4100 phone number, and tell them we'll be following up with them.

Ask if they have any questions, and please let us know (emails below) of contacts made and if you get any feedback.

Cari L Roth
Attorney at Law
Dean, Mead & Dunbar

Martha J. Edenfield
Attorney at Law
Dean, Mead & Dunbar